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Buy Nike shoes online on We provide men, women, girls and boys with valuable Nike running shoes, sneakers, crossover sneakers, sports casual shoes, casual shoes and more.

Whether you are looking for high-performance sneakers or just want to add something great to your sneaker collection, we have prepared two words for you: Nike shoes. Nike was founded in 1964, formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, officially changed its name to Nike, Inc. in 1971, and the rest is history. Literally. The Nike brand has entered the history of sports and popular culture, becoming one of the largest sports brands in the world. Nike equips the Olympic gold medalists and top professional athletes in almost all sports, including basketball, golf, tennis and track and field, and is worn by professional athletes all over the world. From high-performance sneakers, crossover sneakers and responsive running shoes for the ultimate workout, to slippers, sandals and casual sneakers for popular sports and casual looks, you can find all the Nikes you want at uaapsports at an amazing price shape. Buy Nike women’s, men’s and children’s shoes at, the uaapsports app, and any uaapsports store near you.

Top Quality Nike men's and women's sneakers

Consider adding these new Nike sneakers to your collection? just do it. Nike is known for producing some of the most coveted sneakers of all time, including its iconic Air Max and Air Force styles. Find new designs and classics here. What size are you stuck on?

Best Nike SB Dunk Sneakers & Shoes

Before "Dunk" was just a pair of basketball shoes, after the improvement of Air Force1, now "Dunk" has been added more fashion elements by Nike. Equipped with Air Zoom technology and thick tongue, "Dunk SB" has gradually become the backbone of Nike skate shoes. As the most mainstream sneakers, the Nike SB series has continuously improved its popularity and influence. Originally designed for skateboarding, the retro-fitted retro shoes have become trend idols.

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Quality Nike Air Max Sneakers

Before Air Max became the main streetwear product, the iconic bubble was an invisible technology in Nike footwear. Despite its durability, Nike is worried that if they reveal bubbles, customers will think it can be easily pierced and will no longer trust the brand. However, the legendary shoe designer Tinker Hatfield will forever change the future of Air Max.

nike air max sneakers1:1 Quality Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers & Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 is simple and fresh, with a variety of colors to choose from, it deserves a place in your sneaker collection. Keep it classic with refreshing white 07s, or try block colors, holographic swoosh styles and popular collaborative designs. Check out our Nike Air Force 1 sizing guide to find the best color scheme for the police.

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Top Quality Nike Air Yeezy Sneakers & Shoes

Nike Air Yeezy is an official sneaker collaboration project launched by Nike and Kanye West in 2009. [1] As the first non-athlete collaboration of a shoe brand, two versions of the project have been released: "Air Yeezy" (2009) and "Air Yeezy II" (2012 and 2014).

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Nike Zoom Sneakers & Shoes

Nike Zoom sneakers are designed for athletes who want to improve their speed and agility, combining deconstructed design and innovative cushioning systems to bring unparalleled performance. Shop our line of women’s and men’s Air Zoom Type and Air Fire shoes.

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