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Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers

Adidas Ultraboost is a high-performance running sneaker launched in 2015. Thanks to Primeknit fabric and BOOST™ technology, this sneaker provides lightweight and flexible support, as well as excellent cushioning and excellent energy feedback after the game.

Adidas Ultraboost has been called "the best sports shoes in history" once it was launched. Although this statement has been controversial, its warm welcome in the public confirms this. Because the midsole is fully equipped with BOOST™ technology, Ultraboost provides excellent cushioning performance. Its upper is made of mesh and Primeknit, which is lightweight, flexible and breathable. This is why Ultraboost is one of the most highly rated shoes among runners, many of whom have repeatedly described their feelings about sneakers as "walking in the clouds." Buy your adidas Ultraboost at SVD, available in a variety of colors and sizes for men and women (adidas Ultraboost X).

Of course, adidas UltraBoost is known as "the greatest running shoe ever" because of its ultra-light Primeknit upper and iconic Boost sole. Since its debut, the style has evolved through a series of color schemes. Find some of the most popular designs in our editor, including triple white, wool gray, and cageless triple black.

Adidas Ultraboost running shoes redefine your running
Adidas Ultraboost has only one design goal: to become the best running shoe ever. Even for the sportswear giant, this is an ambitious goal. But by combining key technologies such as Boost midsole, Primeknit upper and their patented Torsion Bar, Adidas created a responsive running shoe that changed the rules of the game.

adidas Ultraboost street shoes

Although it was made to record mileage, it didn't take long for the fashionable silhouettes and neutral tones of adidas Ultraboost to take over streetwear.

With the help of Kanye West, he wore a pair of Triple White adidas Ultraboost and quickly sold out shoes. Adidas Ultraboost became a staple of street fashion. Their color scheme is easy to match, and the Boost midsole can be recognized at a glance. New Boost iterations, such as adidas Ultraboost Uncaged, which has abandoned midfoot cages, and adidas Ultraboost Parley, which is made from recycled waste, continue to shine in the streetwear sector. Learn more about our selection of Adidas shoes.

It starts at the sole: Boost technology

When Boost technology debuted, it was like never seen before in the world. Boost technology is made of hundreds of foam capsules welded together, which provides more than 20% energy feedback than EVA rubber (industry midsole standard). More energy feedback means that the shoe responds to every step, giving back the energy you put into running.

In 2015, Adidas tested their Boost technology: Kenyan long-distance runner Dennis Kimetto participated in the Berlin Marathon wearing shoes with Boost technology. Not only did he win, he broke the world record of 26 seconds with a time of 2:02:57. Boost is not only fast, but also a record. With this technology, Adidas is one step closer to their legendary Adidas Ultraboost.

The future of Adidas Ultraboost running shoes

With groundbreaking technology, Adidas has no plans to slow down. Each version of Ultraboost provides runners with another record-setting tool, such as adidas Ultraboost Clima, which integrates 360-degree vents into the shoes to provide a more comfortable running experience.

With the release of Ultraboost 19, Adidas again plans to redefine the running scene. The Primeknit 36​​0 upper is designed to stretch with your foot to reduce pressure points without sacrificing support, while the Boost midsole continues to provide unparalleled cushioning. With adidas Ultraboost, the future of running is at hand, with a steady stream of energy.

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